Instrumental music is characterized by its lack of lyrics and its focus on instrumental elements such as melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. The absence of lyrics make instrumental music a versatile genre that the harmony can be fitting many kind of emotional feelings and understanding, or serve wide range of expression impulses, beyond and free from limited meanings of lyric words, therefore this genre always being used in multifaceted nuances purposes, including background music for films, television shows, commercials, and video games, or as standalone music for listening and relaxation. Instrumental music is often associated with different moods and emotions, like calmness, serenity, excitement, or intensity. This makes it an ideal choice for enjoy with many occasions, such as in spa and relaxation centers, yoga studios, or sports and workout routines.

If you are looking to license instrumental music for your project, Domba Galing is a great option. Domba Galing offering a curated selection of high-quality instrumental music from independent artist and composer, along with professional support and guarantees. She offers a wide range of instrumental music, including pop, jazz, fusion, rock, pentatonic, keroncong, dangdut, swing etc, making it easy to find the right music for your project.

What is my stage name ?

Domba Galing” from Sundanese language in Indonesia. It means Curly Goat

Why I use Domba Galing as Stage name ?

She didn’t intend to use a stage name. But as She need suitable privacy to compose her songs, using a stage name more or less can make it easier.

She Choose Domba Galing because she was born and raised in traditionally Sundanese cultural sphere in West Java, and has been living in greater Jakarta area. Domba Galing used to be the nick-named to a special curly boy She’d met during her elementary, he earned the name because of his all-round activities.

What Are my music links ?

You can check my music on

Social Media :

IG @dombagalibg9
Tiktok @dombagaling39

What is her definition of her music?

She is Indonesian, but being very influenced by so many traditional musical cultures in this archipelago, especially the richness and complexity Javanese-Sundanese-Balinese pentatonic scale, and the less impactful Malay dynamic style, so I always regard Indonesian music actually have a high standard. Her favourite composer Claude Debussy used to have pentatonic scale in many of his songs.

From time to time, those traditional music elements refresh and reinvigorate Indonesian modern popular music, but the last wave faded in early ’90 (Badai Band, Guruh’s, Chaseiro, Elfa’s). Since then, the globalized music industry have been taken over in Indonesia, and in her opinion, slowly change Indonesian music to become blunt, monotonous chords, simplistic composition, tribal beat, and shallow words. Just like pop music everywhere in the world.

It affects people, mind, body and soul.
Fade away the hard way, social contract and compassion.

So, Her music is about reintroduce the essence of this Nusantara (Southeast Asia archipelago) elements in more refined modern popular music styles (pop, jazz, fusion, rock, pentatonic, keroncong, dangdut, swing etc.), and overloaded compositions, with goals to triggering harmony straight form the heart, to instilled meticulous and beautiful mentality, to be socialized human.

Not just to Indonesian, but for every soul.
She hope her music can rebalance emotionally expression with inspirational harmony.

Great music does not have to be dependent on memorable lyrics. Simply listening to the composition and creativity of an instrumental track can be just as rewarding. Here are some of the great instrumental tracks listed in chronological order.


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