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Artist Name: T-Reddd

Born Tre’Von Redmond on February 15, 2001 in a small town; Salina, Kansas. Tre’Von Redmond also known as “T-Red” developed his passion for music at the age of 2, when he received his first drum set. T-Red grew up singing in St. Johns Missionary Baptist Church Choir, in which developed his voice early in his career. In 2014, T-Red tried his luck at joining the Haile Middle Schools band. T-Red’s teacher Mr. Boatwright’s way of introducing music was to have students try every instrument to see where they best fit. Mr. Boatwright gave T-Red the option to play trumpet, clarinet and sax. T-Red picked the clarinet. Early 2015, T-Red tried his luck again by joining Southeast High Schools guitar class, which also only lasted one year.

T-Red started making music because of his older brother Devin Redmond, also known as “D-RedBeatz.” D-RedBeatz being a producer, caused T-Red to find a passion for music early in his life. T-Red quotes “It all started as a joke just messing around on my brothers beats, which later turned into a passion.” Later, T-Red was on the verge of giving up, losing hope and faith after tragedy struck with his nephew Zander passing away. Which caused T-Red to put out his first EP “wounded” in 2020. This EP soon would draw attention from local fans, and recognition from well-known independent artists locally. Also, leading T-Red to perform in Dallas TX, and Miami FL. T-Red then goes on joining a camp known as “4 Quarters of Greatness” where he made singles “expressions (feat. Mr. Dubb4)” and “I Ain’t Hidin.”

Currently T-Red is working on a project with 4 Quarters of Greatness


Gogo Vagena


Gogo Vagena

Gogo Vagena is an artist born in Athens Greece. She has a huge love for singing and arts in general since early childhood.

She has been working at concerts and clubs in Greece and has co operated with numerous well known singers in her country

“On fire” is a song written by Greek-Canadian Nick Dyonz and was performed by Gogo under his guidance

Instagram: @gogovagena






GATOR BOYZ collaborate with 5 X Grammy Nominated Artist, Singer – Songwriter and Producer Verse Simmonds on their new radio, club, dance, hit single titled Handz Up (WORK) produced by @seanbrees @gatorboyzent @gatorboyzmusicgroup.







Hailing from Saint Petersburg, LamboTheProducer is an up and coming Rapper/Producer/Sound Engineer with a penchant for writing infectious tunes and relatable narratives. Inspiredby internationally acclaimed Artists, LamboTheProducer’smusic journey began at the tender age of 10 when he started playing piano in church. LamboTheProducer also learnt how to use Fruity Loops Studio at the age of 12 after his best friend passed him a stolen copy. Being an avid storyteller, LamboTheProducer is greatly influenced by real lifeexperiences, drawing inspiration for his music from personal experiences, allowing him to invoke strong emotions in people. Apart from invoking emotions, LamboTheProduceralso seems to have a unique innate competency to ingeniouslypresent music in multiple styles, all while maintaining a consistent brand, one of the factors that make this producerone to keep an eye out for. Also the founder and CEO of studio88label, LamboTheProducer has worked with A-Raxx, Koly P, Bossman JD and Jimbo world. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, LamboTheProducer seeks to positively influence society with music, and is well on hisway to becoming one of the most phenomenal producers in our generation.

YouTube https://youtube.com/channel/UCX8tyEu1oMSrIzw736Uz1zw
Instgram https://www.instagram.com/lambo_the_producer/?hl=en
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/1Z237ScHN2icpUV5Foc5IW?si=_SSjL3gpTFy7sNLhqV_qNg

SB SurfsUp


SB SurfsUp Is Back With His New Single “Mode” This Record Is Definitely In Route To Be One Of The Next Biggest Records In 2021. 🔥🔥🔥 The Song Is A Club/Radio Banger and The Video Is Definitely A Movie! 🎥 🍿

Video: SB SurfsUp – Mode

Shot & Directed By HD Genises & SB SurfsUp , Story By David Kim ….

Artist: SB SurfsUp
Label: Drought King Music
Hometown: Memphis Tn
Follow: SBsurfsup
instagram: @Sbsurfsup
Twitter: @sb_surfsup

Stream/Download On All Music Platforms:

Spotify :

Apple Music:






When there are doubters, it always fuels the fire a little bit. When people say you can’t do something, if you are a competitor, that drives you. Born Wilbert T. Robinson also known as Youngworldibi was born for this, to make Hiphop music. Very gifted & talented. Original flow & aggressively emphatic delivery of punchlines on top of metaphors. He is definately an artist you should watch out for. Youngworldibi’s music speaks of his truth through experiences as a youth to now. Had a hard life. At a young age sent away to prison for a spell. It was in prison where he took his craft in music seriously spending endless hours writing & finding his style in Hiphop. He’s always loved music since a very young age & it was only natural for him to do it himself. It was the very first album he ever bought Notorious B.I.G that first inspired him to start rapping. Started writing at the age of 15. A lot of lyricms & wordplay. He came up listening to those type of hiphop artists like B.I.G, JayZ, Nas, Lil Wayne & many more. He takes pride in not trying to sound like anyone else in the industry, instead going for his own unique sound. With no major label backing right now trying to pave a way for himself. Born & raised in Lancaster Pa. Now residing just outside of the city. Youngworldibi’s music is for all those true Hiphop heads out there looking for something different. Music is also available on All Music Platforms & just getting started. Just dropped a new single titled “Homecoming” Currently almost finished with full mixtape with 20+ tracks. Will be dropping this summer 2021

Some of Youngworldibi’s most popular songs to date include “Off The Wall”, “Welcome To NYC Freestyle”, “3-Peat” “Mountain Top” & “Rock Boy” Youngworldibi currently has over 240,000 streams on Spotify. Go follow him now.





Website/Landing Page:



AppleMusic & ITunes:









New Single “Homecoming” on Spotify:

“Off The Wall” on SoundCloud:

“Off The Wall” on Audiomack:

Global Don


Global Don

Global Don Bio

Originally born in Dallas, Don was adopted by the Smith family of Dallas, Texas at the age of one . He was brought up in a solid family structure and brought up in the church as well young Don participated in the choir where he got his first taste of music. Growing up Don struggled with balancing academics with the ways of the streets with fast money and hanging with the wrong crowd eventually the streets won. At 17 Don was kicked out of high school for truancy and hustling he later obtained his G.E.D. and enlisted into the army.

Soldier with Rhythm

Stationed in Alabama music was still always in the back of Don’s mind who eventually started teaching himself different musical equipments​. Taking some key notes from his idol Dr. Dre he soon turned his room into a homemade studio collaborating with fellow colleagues to produce music and write songs. Word soon began to spread of the soldier with a heart of music and he was invited by the USO to perform for soldiers and various Army Stations. Doing open mics in the tri state areas and producing Don was content being in the background and helping build other people dreams as well as working on his own. Don executive produced his first album for fellow soldiers and future Florida artist Fury . Don finished his run with the Army being honorably discharged in 2005, he returned to Dallas determined to make a name for himself. Being in the background was no longer an option for Don who wanted to step on front of the make and make a name for himself and share his story. Still continuing to produce for artist such as Lamon ” Koop” Jones and various Dallas artist he began molding his own path. Showcasing his talents on different platforms such as the Car Show Benefit and K104’s Annual Juneteenth Celebration and Kwanzaa Fest.

Future of Global Don

In 2011 Don debuted his talents with his first mixtape “Military Minded” and in 2016 his second studio mixtape “Street Politics”. Following his travels to Overseas to branch out with other artists and marketing . Its always great to see an artist giving back Don never forgot the city that made him speaking to youth at the Urban Specialists Group and Dallas Can Academy. 2021 is definitely the year of the Don and the future holds great things for this up and coming Dallas Gem.






Global Don Presents: The Elite https://open.spotify.com/album/3ZOboxQxES0nk8FOVYtCcJ
Global Don Presents The Album https://open.spotify.com/album/03LjgGKup0a8rEwifiESV5
The God King https://open.spotify.com/album/2O6yQhQtpzzPvpJzSZVSnP
Global Don • The God King https://open.spotify.com/track/7le9OisYvwjSXtB3PmW9Z0


IHeart Radio


Jeff Paladino


Artist name: Jeff Paladino

Jeff Paladino is a native of Chesapeake, Virginia and currently resides in Vermont. He began singing at the age of four in Church. Jeff had his first real band at 20, and opened for major talent, George Jones, Lorrie Morgan, Joe Diffie and Wade Hayes to name a few. During Jeff’s time with The Smokin45’s, he had the opportunity to perform at many Mid-Atlantic festivals. Jeff left to go fly for a Major Airline. In 2016, due to multiple medical issues, Jeff had to retire from his days in Aviation. .

In 2018, Jeff went back to his first love music. Collaborating with Gabriel Marcos, Pat Monahan, Jodell Playmaker, and Wesley Mucik and Elysium Records, “Back in the Fight” became a new song and the title name of his current album, which is now available on all downloadable music websites. Jeff is currently working on his second country album•

Follow Jeff Paladino On The Web:

Official Site: https://www.JeffPaladino.com
Facebook: ​https://www.facebook.com/JeffPaladino47
Twitter: ​https://www.twitter.com/JeffPaladino
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Jeff_Paladino

Soundcloud: ​https://soundcloud.com/user-jwood7131
ITunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1462331546?ls=1&app=itunes
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6UXS2RALjepIIV1FHQr98g?si=yWRH3aYERt2HIyVTqItk1A
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbjiVoTp72GaYOf_x0oEz-g

Bigg Citi


Bigg Citi

Jerry Wise II, better known as Bigg Citi, is an Atlanta based soulful southern independent rapper/singer/producer. He is a native of Gadsden, Alabama who began his career in 2009. He is co founder of Chevyllac Musik LLC alongside his longtime friend and rapper Steven Teague, better known as $elebrity. Inspired by artists and groups such as Outkast, UGK, 8Ball and MJG, Nas, Scarface and Master P, he is mostly known for his soulful swagger which is reminiscent of the late Pimp C, of the super duo UGK.

As an independent label Chevyllac (Bigg Citi and $elebrity) under the label of Chevyllac Muisk LLC, released their debut mixtape “Push Start” in 2017. The song “Munchies”,featured on “Push Start” has received over half a million streams since its release. “Munchies” featured Snoop Dogg’s recording artist Clay James. “Munchies” received attention from Snoop Dogg and Curren$y.

After the release of “Push Start” the group began pursing solo careers, which led to the 2018 release of Bigg Citi’s solo debut mixtape “Soul Of A King”. The mixtape featured major recording artist such as Epic’s artist Tee Flii and Three 6 Mafia’s Project Pat. “Soul Of A King’s” biggest single “Raised N These Streetz” featured Atlantic Records recording artist Mike Beezy Badazz.

In 2020, Bigg Citi released “N My Caddy” featuring Clay James, which was produced by DJ Choppalot. This song along with his latest single release “Love It”, feature on his upcoming project, “The Return Of Jodie Mack”. The upcoming mixtape, “The Return Of Jodie Mack” will be released March 2021.

Instagram: @bigg_citi_clm
Twitter: @Biggciti31

Music links
Applemusic: https://music.apple.com/us/album/soul-of-a-king/1449170801
Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC5ywRMeoyTOBdxCmAp7uwoA


Amazonmusic: Check out Bigg Citi on Amazon Music

Iheartradio: https://www.iheart.com/artist/bigg-citi-32015465/?cmp=android_share&sc=android_social_share&pr=false

Audiomack: https://audiomack.com/rapmusic-2/album/soul-of-a-king

Datpiff: Here is a Mixtape for you: https://www.datpiff.com/Bigg-Citi-Soul-Of-A-King-mixtape.900943.html

Spinrilla: https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/bigg-citi-soul-of-a-king




Pavolini has done songs with T Rell of Derrty Ent. which is dropping very soon, Crunchy Black and Koopsta Knicca of Three 6ix Mafia, Seed of 6ix, the sons of Three 6ix Mafia, Verse Simmonds, Garren & More…. Pavolini is also a member of a group called the GatorBoyz. The GatorBoyz is a group created by 2 older brothers of Pavolini, & grew over time to multiple members. Pavolini is still part of the group & also does his own solo thing.

” Pavolini Muzik…..
It’s Goin’ Down In The P.M.”
I’m on Instagram as @pavolini_muzik. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.


Check out Pavolini on #SoundCloud

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