Artist Name: T-Reddd

Born Tre’Von Redmond on February 15, 2001 in a small town; Salina, Kansas. Tre’Von Redmond also known as “T-Red” developed his passion for music at the age of 2, when he received his first drum set. T-Red grew up singing in St. Johns Missionary Baptist Church Choir, in which developed his voice early in his career. In 2014, T-Red tried his luck at joining the Haile Middle Schools band. T-Red’s teacher Mr. Boatwright’s way of introducing music was to have students try every instrument to see where they best fit. Mr. Boatwright gave T-Red the option to play trumpet, clarinet and sax. T-Red picked the clarinet. Early 2015, T-Red tried his luck again by joining Southeast High Schools guitar class, which also only lasted one year.

T-Red started making music because of his older brother Devin Redmond, also known as “D-RedBeatz.” D-RedBeatz being a producer, caused T-Red to find a passion for music early in his life. T-Red quotes “It all started as a joke just messing around on my brothers beats, which later turned into a passion.” Later, T-Red was on the verge of giving up, losing hope and faith after tragedy struck with his nephew Zander passing away. Which caused T-Red to put out his first EP “wounded” in 2020. This EP soon would draw attention from local fans, and recognition from well-known independent artists locally. Also, leading T-Red to perform in Dallas TX, and Miami FL. T-Red then goes on joining a camp known as “4 Quarters of Greatness” where he made singles “expressions (feat. Mr. Dubb4)” and “I Ain’t Hidin.”

Currently T-Red is working on a project with 4 Quarters of Greatness


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